Wood Duck Society

Download a Quality "Wood Duck Box" Design

The Wood Duck Society is pleased to share a free download for a proven design of a quality wood duck house. This house was designed by Wood Duck Society director Don `The Duckman' Helmeke. Don's design was published in the Minnesota Waterfowler, a publication for members of the Minnesota Waterfowl Association.  The house's use of cedar wood provides longevity and a natural appearance.  The house has a side access for easy cleaning and observation. 

View and print this linked document for Wood Duck House details. [ If you have difficulty viewing or printing this document, you can try and download a free version of "Adobe Reader" which should allow you to open and print the duck house design.]  http://www.adobe.com.

    Be sure and check out the "Best Practices" link to read about duck house 'predator protection' and a proven installation plan.  The picture below displays an example of a completed installation.  Easy to clean, easy to monitor and easy on the ducklings!

Mason (left) and Garrett (right) LaBarre from Minnesota, display a Helmeke design nest box.  When installed as shown on the right, the side opening nest box is easily monitored and maintained... without ladders. 

The Best Practices installation insures safety for the wood duck hen and her eggs/brood from four legged predators.